Are you outgrowing your present home?

Are you outgrowing your present home?

Are you outgrowing your present home? The sure-fire signs it’s time to upgrade.

Do you notice a lack of space in your home recently? Do you have a lack of privacy in your home due to children sharing a bedroom or having someone in a “walk-through” bedroom? It’s not uncommon for families to outgrow a home, particularly if you’ve added children, animals, and material things to your home.

Whether it was sharing a bedroom with a sibling growing up, or perhaps sharing a dorm room in college, we’ve all felt the pinch of being confined in a space that was just a little too small for what we needed. And, the logical next step after realizing that the space is too small: upgrading to a larger home.

Given the great prices these days, it might be the right time for you to consider an upgrade; you may be able to get a lot more space for a price very similar to your monthly mortgage payment.

Here are the top 2 reasons to consider an upgrade:

1. Lack of space

Does your hallway look like a scene out of “Hoarders” with boxes on all sides? Has your living room also become the kids playroom and your office? Or, do you have four people turning one bathroom into grand central station from 7:00-7:45 every morning? Space doesn’t miraculously appear, and unless you do some major organization, or build an addition, finding a home with more space can solve your problem.

2. Lack of privacy

Maybe you have someone in a “walk-through” bedroom. Or, maybe you have a boy and a girl sharing a bedroom. Sure, it’ll work when they’re babies, but the minute that someone’s Barbie dream house gets knocked over by a Matchbox car racing set, you know it’s probably time to stop worrying just about Barbie’s dream house, and find one for yourself.

These are two reasons I see time and time again why upgrading to a new home is such a viable option for growing families. If you are considering an upgrade so that you and your family have extra space and privacy, please call me at 814-688-0329.


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