Landscape Lighting Tips

Landscape Lighting Tips

Here are some Landscape Lighting Tips I found helpful and wanted to share…….

  • Key in on architectural features.
  • If you’re looking for a dramatic effect, try up lighting an arbor, archway or facade.
  • Install a focused beam to graze a textured fence or wall.
  • Create a silhouette effect behind a tree or bush by placing lights below and behind it.
  • If you entertain outdoors frequently, consider low-voltage lights under handrails, stairs and bench seating.
  • For outdoor activity areas, consider a strong-beam light to illuminate over the area.
  • Conceal the light behind the feature you’re illuminating, whether it’s a tree, shrub, or fountain. One exception is if the fixture is decorative.
  • Illuminate steps, paths, and driveways to increase foot traffic safety in the dark.
  • Remember that less is more. Light should be soft, like moonlight.
  • If you’re using colored lights, be careful. If not placed properly, they can look too garish or unnatural for some tastes.
  • Arrange for an automatic device to turn lights on and off, such as a timer or photocell.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors – aim lights so they do not shine into their windows.
  • Be creative in using a mixture of lighting techniques for drama and excitement

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