6 Tips for Starting a Business During a Move

6 Tips for Starting a Business During a Move

No matter the services you provide, most home-based businesses often outgrow their original space. How do you know what kind of home you need for a growing business? And how do you keep your business going while trying to move? It sounds challenging — and, yes, at times it will be — but there are many reasons why moving while starting a new business is a good idea.

Real estate professional Karlene Smith can help you find an amazing property that can change your life, professionally and personally. Sound enticing? Read these tips to find the perfect property for your home-based business.

Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Take advantage of financial opportunities that can help make your move more affordable by forming a limited liability company (LLC). As an LLC, you can apply for tax breaks, small business grants and loans, and a business line of credit to help fund your startup costs. Every state has different requirements when it comes to forming an LLC, so take the time to conduct thorough research before filing your paperwork. If you need LLC support and assistance, work with a formation service.

Review Home Prices

Make sure to research housing market prices in the area you want to live in so you have an idea of the price tag you’ll be working with. If you are selling your current home, it’s equally as important you review the costs of homes in your community. You want to make sure you don’t set your asking price too low, but also stay within a strong range of surrounding properties also on the market.

Research Costs of Living 

Don’t forget to consider the varying costs of living in your area of choice. This can impact your business goals, price points, housing costs, and even salaries. Obviously, these costs will be higher in more sought-after neighborhoods. That’s why some people choose to move their home-based business to a lower-cost but up-and-coming area.

Consider Zoning Restrictions 

Depending on your district, there could be zoning regulations that can impact your home-based business. Make sure your business doesn’t disturb your neighbors and, generally speaking, you should be fine. Your business also shouldn’t cause an increase in nighttime foot traffic or difficulty with parking. Discover has a thorough checklist of what legal aspects you need to consider when looking for a property to support your life and business.

Know Your Local Government 

It’s important that you get to know local government officials and offices in your new area. These people will be eager to learn how your business will benefit their community. While these officials can’t use their office to support your company, they may be able to provide important connections, resources, and insights. Plus, reaching out shows you want to be involved, which makes them more likely to see your home-based business as an asset to their economy.

Prioritize Self-Care and Stress Management 

Starting a business and looking for a new home can cause a great deal of extra stress and tension in our lives. Explore strategies for time management, self-care, and relaxation to help this time go more smoothly.

Keep in mind that self-care comes in many different shapes and sizes. For some, it involves doing something they enjoy or piques their interest. Have you always wanted to get your master’s degree in business admin? You can easily enroll in online classes and earn that degree on your schedule. Did you always want to learn Spanish? Apps like Duolingo give you the tools necessary to experience the joy of learning a different language.

For others, self-care involves finding ways to relax or unwind. When you feel overwhelmed, try taking a break with yoga, meditation, or walking. Listen to relaxing music when stress levels rise, and don’t let your current self-care routine go by the wayside. Regardless of how self-care looks to you, it’s important to find ways to work it into your day — every day.

Starting a business during a move may seem overwhelming, if not downright impossible. However, it can be done, but it requires careful planning and some hard work on your part. By getting your ducks in a row, following a finely tuned strategy, and working with Karlene Smith, you can move into your dream home while fulfilling your dreams of becoming a homeowner.

Article by: Suzie Wilson

Photo by Unsplash

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