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If you are listing your home for sale, you likely already have your eye on another house and would like your current home to sell as quickly as possible so you can move. Houses that sell quickly may look like they didn’t require much effort, but that’s far from the case. Here are a few tips that will lead straight to a “SOLD” sign in your yard.

Hire the Best Listing Agent

In order to know which agent to choose to sell your house, you can check a few criteria to determine who will be the best listing agent for you. If you are considering a certain realtor, ask them for a list of recent clients and then talk to a few of them to see how they feel about the realtor’s performance. Check what the asking price and selling price of their homes were to get an idea of the agent’s results. Make sure they are licensed and look at the online listings of the homes they are selling to ensure they are presented attractively and effectively. Also, ask them also about other homes for sale in the area to get a sense of their general knowledge of the market. If searching for a great real estate agent sounds overwhelming to you, the good news is you don’t have to look far; Karlene Smith, award-winning broker, has the experience and knowledge to help you facilitate a quick home sale.

Timing is Everything

While selling your home only takes one perfect buyer, you may improve your chances based on when you list your home for sale. Studies show the best time of year to sell is springtime – specifically, the first two weeks of May. Houses listed during this time frame sell faster and for a higher price than houses listed other times of the year. In addition, you may sell more quickly if your listing goes live on a Friday or over the weekend. These general rules can vary depending on your area of the country, but they are a good rule of thumb.

The Price is Right

Pricing your home to sell quickly is part art and part science. You can either price low and hope for a bidding war or price high to give yourself room to lower the price if necessary. Tour competing listings and have your realtor do a comparative market analysis to get a good idea of what your price should be. If you aren’t getting enough showings, you have probably priced it too high.

Clean and Stage

It almost goes without saying, but your house should be clean and clutter-free as you try to sell it. Deep clean every room in your house. This will leave everything looking sharp while enabling you to toss items you no longer need that clutter up the house. Once the house is clean, stage your home so it looks its best to potential buyers. This includes depersonalizing (taking out family photos), removing a few pieces of furniture to help rooms look larger and packing away anything extra that distracts from the clean lines of the house.

As part of this process, stand in front of your house and do a quick check for curb appeal. Make sure your yard looks neat and nothing obvious needs to be fixed on the house. If your gutters are sagging and rusty, for instance, it’s a fairly quick fix to replace them so your house looks as attractive as possible from the street.

Promote Online

Many buyers begin their home search online, so it’s essential that your agent’s services include an online listing. Make sure the format showcases your house well. As part of this process, it’s a good idea to get professional photos taken of your home. This will set your house apart and give you an extra edge compared to other listings.

Investing some effort up front to follow these tips will reduce the length of time your house sits on the market. Don’t forget to work ahead of when you actually want to sell. Selling your home quickly will free you to move on to the next stage of your life without any worries.

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Article by Suzie Wilson

Photo from Pixabay


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